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 a fraud ,but not entirely!

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PostSubject: a fraud ,but not entirely!   Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:37 am

Account Profile
Character Account: Vamphunter69
Gender: Male
Birthday: -
Location: -
Job: Con Man
Hobbies: music and cardgames

Name: Jaija Awanov
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 9th Juno 1987
General Appearance: A bit on the short side and with curly black locks Jaija ironically looks like a sweet and a bit naive person. he is slim ,but not unathletic and likes to dress in dapper clothing. A wast number of religious symbols he wears on a keyring in his pocket tingles with almost every step he takes.
General Attitude:
Actually calm and cunning ,Jaija is used to behave like a friendly and honest person. Making his money with orchestrating paranormal spectacles for the rich and gullible ,he likes to see himself as one of only a handfull of bright persons on this planet overflowing with idiots. This attitude shows mostly on the few occations when he goes online. Even the fact that his english is a bit flawed doesn't concern him in this.

Sample Posts
This the problem is with you modern first world persons: You are raised in the spirit of enlightenment and scientific reason and when something supernatural happens you all go 'Ohhhh ,this is not logical ,what should we do now?!' In Slovenian villages the people reaction to poltergeists is more like 'Oh well another one. Honey please call the witchhunters and fetch me my breakfast'.

PS:Try bathing it in hot vinegar and scrub it with a broom afterwards. Then burn the broom. It kind of oldfashioned but it works.

You should work on your attitude. a grumby mind and a grumpy face invite the evil eye. Thats why Shutter is always fighting monsters and is getting hurt and looks so unhealthy. Always this sour look and these fowl language. They called curse words for a reason ,you know?[/quote]
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Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Re: a fraud ,but not entirely!   Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:51 pm

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a fraud ,but not entirely!
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