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 [A]Went to bed in 2013, woke up in 2015, and the Queen is acting funky.

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PostSubject: [A]Went to bed in 2013, woke up in 2015, and the Queen is acting funky.   Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:02 pm

Hoooooooooly shit.
One minute I'm yawning and batting my eyes on a warm April night in the cozy year of 2013, the next I'm waking to some guy yelling at me to get out of "his" dorm, and screaming for security. Got thrown out into the cold in my jammies, not knowing what the hell's going on.
Tired and bleary eyed, I made it to the campus library and found me a computer. Couldn't check my Facebook any more, because it was a god damned memorial page now. Newest status was posted by my aunt on January 6, 2015. ????
Computer said it was Jan 17, 2015. Bullshit. After checking the computer next to me, and the one next to that, and begging the librarian to tell me the date, I confirmed it is now 2015. Why. How. There's no way I slept for 2 years, right? That just... doesn't happen.

At this point I was freezing, so I sneaked back into my (?) dorm room and grabbed some proper clothes. And a wallet. Didn't look like mine, but, I mean, its my dorm room, god damn it.
I went to a nearby fast food place, grabbed a lunch, and went back to the library. Surfed around for a few hours before I remembered this place. Right away I noticed a new post from our very own RedQueen.

RedQueen wrote:

I̷̳͇͇̓̀͡ ̰͇̞̺͇̍̃w͇͇͇͇̓̉̈́̂͘͢͜o͇͇͉ͬ̔᷉͞k̢̺͇̞̠͇᷄e͇͚̖̖͇᷈̊ ͇᷿͓͇᷿ͧ᷇ư͇̬͇̑ͩ᷉p̡͇͇̤ͬͪ͠.͇᷂̻͇᷿᷀̈

...Right. So she woke up. I woke up. The world kept spinning.
Someone tell me I'm not fuckin crazy here, alright??
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[A]Went to bed in 2013, woke up in 2015, and the Queen is acting funky.
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