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 Search Out

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PostSubject: Search Out   Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:22 am

If you are pretty sure that you have an entity on your hands, yet can't tell what it's tied to: This is what you need. It also shows some other valuable information. Do not use this ritual if you are unsure about whether it is of paranormal source. It will only make you needlessly paranoid.


A MAGNIFYING GLASS. Some reported it also works with glasses for the shutter-sighted. Would not recommend wearing those then, though.
CHRYSANTHEMUM WATER. Buy a chrysanthemum flower and put it into water for about an hour. Chrysanthemum tea also works. It makes you see more detail. More likely to give a false alarm. Helpful with identifying the entity which left the traces, though.
A GREY CLOTH. It should be soft enough not to scratch the glass and big enough to completely hide the the whole magnifying glass.

1. Soak part of the grey cloth in the chrysanthemum water.
2. Gently rub all the glass you are using (both sides) with the soaked part of the cloth and at the same time, recite this nursery rhyme:

"Two eyes to see with
A tongue to speak no lies
Two legs to follow
The bugman in disguise
Be careful, little eyes
Be quiet, tongue, hush hush
Stand still, legs of mine
Don't let the bugman push."

It does not matter how good that sounds as long as you get the words right. In case you don't, put down the magnifying glass as calm as possible, cover it with the cloth and leave the room. You may notice a metal taste in your mouth, start coughing up blood, have your vision blurred and experience fevers. A good immune system takes care of this after a few days of rest. Nothing compared to what happens if you stay in the room after that.

3. If you examine objects through the magnifying glass now, they may look different than before. Traces can appear in form of "auras" (light/darkness emitted by the object in a certain form), ash stains, strange geometry (akin to optical illusions), pulsating from a source, etc.
Scan only the objects you really need to scan. Do not look through the magnifying glass otherwise. You will start to see traces everywhere. Objects will stop looking like they used to and take on new, horrible forms. It will confuse and frighten you.
You may use a mirror to scan yourself.
Do NOT speak until you wish to end the ritual, and even then use only the described lines.

4. End the ritual as soon as possible by putting the magnifying glass down on a straight surface, fully covering it with the cloth and reciting these lines:

"Two eyes to see with
A tongue to speak no lies
Two legs to run from
The bugman in disguise."

Do not touch the materials you used for half an hour afterwards. Otherwise, visions of this room's twisted version might appear before your eyes. At best, they're terrifying. Incomprehensible at worst. Avoid them.

You may start seeing traces of entities everywhere. It is elemental to stay sceptic within a reasonable frame.
You may have visions of piercing light shining through your eyelids if you close your eyes. Disappears after a few days. Makes it hard to sleep, though. Sleep deprivation furthers the paranoia.
You might also experience occasional sleep apnoea and twisted echoes of real sounds.

Most descriptions might sound strange. You should be able to recognise them if you see them, though.
Most of these are very, very general. There might also be other traces pointing towards specific entities.

Possession - twisted body, non-Euclidean (do not look longer at this than you have to)
Haunted - cobweb-esque aura, possibly faces
Parasite - pulsating from the entry point, lump of some degree at its current position
Memory Hatcher - pulsating, vein-lined eggs growing out of the object, object appearing organic (a bit like a foetus or innards), a slimy proboscis-like protrusion
Dreamwalker - rippling in objects, steps, vividly dark colour deviations

Report more.

the RedQueen
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Search Out
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