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 Disperse Non-Corporeal

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PostSubject: Disperse Non-Corporeal   Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:23 am

This is a general banishment for non-corporal entities. There is a need to customise it depending on the entity you are trying to banish. You might actually have to repeat the ritual a few times for it to fully take effect. The more people you have for this ritual, the more effective it is. It is a good way to handle possession and haunting, although it stops working at a certain level of entity power (e.g. Puppet Master).

An OUIJA board. (Sounds very weird and new-agey but it's legit.) The parts should be made of wood. No specifications otherwise.

A HAMMER. Think law court hammer. Wooden would be best. Average hammers with metal tops are also reported to work, though.

The OBJECT the entity is tied to. Best would be transportable with one hand. If the entity is not tied to an object or tied to an object too big, use the Tie to Object ritual first.

A RESONANCE OBJECT. Now this depends on the entity. Wine glasses work pretty well for some. Others prefer literal loudspeakers. It can be also an object completely unrelated to noise or resonance, instead being a symbol for the entity.

Something to PROTECT YOUR BREATHING APPARATUS. The symbolic value seems to be more important. An aged, heavily used GAS MASK is still more effective than a dust mask, even if it is not functional in the real world anymore. Flea markets, eBay or even relatives will provide you with those.


1-Set up the Ouija Board facing south
2-put the hammer, the entity's anchor and the resonance object on the floor around the board:
Hammer to the North
Anchor to the West
Resonance Object to the East
2-have everyone put on their safety gear and sit around the ouija board in one of these patterns depending on the amount of people involved:
--A - South of the Ouija Board
--B - East and West
--C - East, South and West
--D - One in each direction
--E+ - As 4. The remaining participants can sit wherever they want.
3-Dim down the lights. Make it as dark as possible without making it too dark to see.
4-Have everyone touch the ouija board's letter-marking-thing and chant this together:
--"Voidborn, Nothing
--thing of fog
--Tell me the name of your death
--never born, undefined
--child of none
--Tell me of your oblivion
--Tell me from the West"
5-Wait for the Ouija-Board to spell out a word for you.
--This works as follows: You touch the marker lightly and go with any impulse you may have to move it at this point. Most Boards have an "end"-field. The word is complete once the ouija board is there.
6-Repeat step 4 but perform one switch while chanting. There are a umber of possible switch. Choose one of those.
--Simply pick up the anchor and the resonance object and switch them.
--Have everyone walk around the ouija board in one direction until each one is seated on the opposite side.
--turn the Ouija board north
--take the hammer and put it down to the south of the ouija board
7-Repeat step 5 and remember, or write down the word.
8-Have whoever is now seated to the south pick up the hammer. everyone chants this:
--"By my voice, you are fooled
--Thing of the void
--From the west, your death is called.
--To the east it travels.
--From the north I draw my wrath
--From the South you will feel it.
--By my word, you are forgotten
--By my word, you are no more
--By my word, you are dispersed"
9-Strike down hard on the Ouija Board three times.

Note: The words you get, are usually not of any language you will know. Just pronounce them the way you think they should be pronounced. It's the thought that counts.

I recommend performing this ritual at least four times and alternating the switches.

The dispersed entity is torn up on a spiritual level. Small parts of it can enter objects or bodies unnoticed and recuperate there until there are more entities. Therefore a protective mask is in order. They might also grow back into one much bigger and more powerful entities. Therefore, it is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to REPEAT THE RITUAL ENOUGH and WEAR SAFETY GEAR.


SMILE entities works only with ORIGAMI SWANS as resonance object to my knowledge. They can be identified the easiest by the complete silence in their haunted rooms (people are also unable to speak there, etc) and the freakish, mismatched smiles people wear for a few weeks after the run-in. However, these are not the only symptoms, if the most common.

MEMORY HATCHERS resonate with little but a very important object to the person who last touched their haunted object. They can be recognised as inciting beautiful flashbacks in the people who are touching the haunted object. Those people do not recognise that the flashbacks are completely made up. Instead, they search to touch the object as much as possible, forgetting every real memory in process until they live in a completely made-up world.

Do not attempt this ritual at DREAMWALKERS. Do not.

the RedQueen
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Disperse Non-Corporeal
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