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 Shutter is back!

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Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Shutter is back!   Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:05 am

Account Profile
Character Account: Shutter
Gender: Male
Location: America
Yeah, running is good... Maybe these horrible, unimaginable things from hell are slower than you.

Note: I would be glad if these informations wouldnt be used before some kind of rl meeting with the other users.
Name: Andreas Jarp
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 17.09.1980
General Appearance: White, 1,90m tall, dark circles around the eyes. Mostly wearing thick leather clothes. His torso is quite heavily scarred since the Saika-incident.
General Attitude: Chainsmoking, possesing an imperious voice and and slight signs of an upcoming archangel complex.

Sample Posts

[Opening a new Topic]
Hell, the legends of this friggin Jersey Devil are SO busted! Spent a whole month in the area. Tried maybe every Ritual in all of existence to track this motherf**** down and what? Didnt even find the slightest shadow of a trace. However, after breaking up camps i drove down to New Orleans for some investigations on their voodoo Rituals. The Bray Road Beast is already waiting for me so i had not the time to test them. Hell if i know if this stuff is actually working but i upload it anyway -> (link).
And remember kids: dont try these things at home without the proper protection or mommy Klein will get mad again and no one here wants to give him any more reasons for flaming the hell out of us. >.>

[Responsing to another Post]
Did you try it with fire? Holy water? A sharpened crucifix to the chest? No? Then why are you already whimpering and begging for help for christs sake?! Even if YellowKings taste for literature might be stuck in the 1930s (Yeah yeah, and Lovecraft *might* be right with al that stuff), he made a valuable point there. Protection Rituals ARE essential if youre about to face some nameless evil but it might *eventually* be not enough to hide yourself under some kind of monsterblocker and hope that the Big Bad might gets bored some time soon. The Ritual buys you time and some kind of lets-see-if-i-work-this-time-or-go-puff-and-gone safety, but in most cases you still have to cap it all off and REMOVE THE DAMN CAUSE!! What are you doing if they tell you that your gripes are the symptoms of a friggin' Cancer? Pop some aspirin and hope that it will all work out? No? Good, then follow this (link) you could already have found on you own instead instead of wihning around and get prepared. If you have more informations about that thing, post them and i'll see what i can find.

[Another new Topic]
Sorry for the worng spelling. Am still a little bir groggy frmo the painkillrs. Ivestgated the the Bray Road Case lik said ,got my car crashed and skome limbs brocken. there was someting out there ,appering in the middle of the friggn street. i mean REALLY apperaring ,like some cloud or smething like a rewinded record of an pitch black silhuette. Was scared like hell and frgot for a moment that i was drivng a car with 120kmh. evrything got blurry and i heard som kind of earshattering noise. Thought that this my be my car kissn the guardrail. It wasnt. I kno cause maybe a milisecond later it kissed some tree instead. Knocked me out maybe for some time. i just rembembr crawlin out of the wreck and calling help on the mobile. Lookes onthe wreck to ceck the damage and now thers the big bad news! the tires where cut open ,forming some kin of claw mark MOLTEN INTO THE FRIGGN CARTWHEELS!!! OF Course i passed out after that and woke up in some hospital bed. That was not some Bray Road Beast ,but mor like his angry pissed telporting flameclawed GODMOTHER! I performed the Protection Ritual as good as it goes with an left arm having two completely new angles ,but of course i passed out after that and woke up in some hospital bed. Need Information on that thing FAST!
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Post Count : 88
Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Re: Shutter is back!   Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:20 am

Welcome baaaack<3
I'll whitelist the Shutter account as soon as I have finished transferring the ingame forum. :3
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Shutter is back!
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