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PostSubject: Wiedergaenger   Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:10 am

Quote :
Due to the fact that this is an Information Topic after all ,I think that t is best to start a new Tread for this one. The paranormal Entities we are confronted with differ in many obvious and subtle ways ,but there are also some creatures which happen to incarnate in the same 'form' for several times. The Puppet Master or a typical Poltergeist for example. According to this I would encourage YellowKing to open a new column with informations about the specific beings in this forum. Starting with some details on the Wiederganger for example.

During the dark Ages ,there emerged the superstition that people with a bad attitude or living a unchristian life might come back from the graves as an undead monster to kill and cause disaster even after their actual Death. That monster was called Wiederganger and were sighted mainly in the regions of Eastern Europe and Germany. I believe that the entity Saika reported to us was such a Wiederganger in an early state of his developement. This entity will posess animals ,children and other people with stronger connections to the 'other side' and will drive them to do something dangerous in order to kill the host of his choice ,even if it will aim for a human body on longer terms. After some time then ,the Wiederganger reanimates the now dead body when there is no other kind of soul or controlling entity anymore it has to deal with.

After some Research I found some evidences for this theory:
First: Commiting suicide is one of the biggest sins for the catholic religion. People died by their own hands are sent straight into hell. Plus ,there are reports from this time confirming that such people are much more common to come back as Wiedergangers!
Second: Another myth about the origin of this creature is that when a black cat leaps over a dead body ,this body will for sure raise again by night. I can verify that cats are seemingly rather attractive hosts to this entity before taking over a human being.

During the early state of its evolution ,the Wiederganger seems to be tied to a special place where it holds little to power. It'll also need some time to reanimate the body of his victims ,if you remove the corpse from its reach ,the Wiederganger will not be able to reanimate it all. If it is bound to a smaller object via the 'Tie to Object'-Ritual however ,the entity grow stronger and more treathening. It will posses anything it can get with a minimum of the ordinary time and will try to attack the next possible human host for sure. Common banishing Rituals will be useless as long as the Entity has a body to hide in.
However ,after running through a series of very uncomfortable tests with the specimen at hand ,I came to some interesting conclusions:
First: While posessing a creature ,the Widergangs holds the ability feel pain.
Second: Wiedergangers are very uncomfotable with salt ,fire ,garlic and even with the water I prepared for a Base Protection. My theory is that they might be partly the source material for the typical vampire myth.
Third: Wiedergangers can not leave a body they posess just like that ,even if they really really want to.
Fourth: After the ordinary Banishing Rituals turned out to be useless and just killing the host seemed a bit to risky to me ,I tried it the old-fashioned way: Burrying the host upside down in a box filled with salt seems to erase any sign of the entity within three days. Double-checked all possibilities ,but the entity seems to be gone for good.
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