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 Off with their Head!

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Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Off with their Head!   Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:37 am

Player Account: Broeckchen
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Character Account: RedQueen
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Birthday: Not specified
Location: Germany
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Name: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
General Appearance: Unknown
General Attitude: Unknown

Sample Posts

[Post in Response to a Topic]
"Wow LilCal... just wow...

First you throw this seriously weird story at us about your strange catman. Then you have nothing but insults for people who call you out on details that don't make any sense together. And now you you have the AUDACITY to laugh at someone who needs and asks for your help because they might have the same problem! You know what - I don't even care anymore if what you say is the truth or not. I have a legacy to hold up, and said legacy is to HELP people, not to scare them away from anything that might save their life!

You are hereby banned. Off with your head! Twisted Evil
LionP, I'm really sorry for what you had to go through... I hope someone else can help you instead."

[New Topic]
"So this is not much information and I am really sorry for that. But for days now, I keep hearing a tictoc noise, like a clock ticking. First I thought I might have misplaced an actual clock in my flat - but then I noticed it when I was outside as well. It doesn't stop, not even at night, and I have the feeling that it keeps getting louder. When it started out, it was a very faint, faraway sound - now it sound like it would be very close to my body. I can't make out the direction it comes from either, it seems to come from everywhere at once.

I know that as the assigned monarch of this forum, it should be me who gives you help and pointers. Wink But I'm out of ideas on this one and it starts feeling very unsettling. Maybe anyone of you has heard of it before and can help me? Thank you, my beloved subjects."
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Off with their Head!
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