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PostSubject: Bodywalker   Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:51 am

Quote :
What it is:
A bodywalker is a kind of incorporeal entity, that possesses human bodies and clouds human minds. A bodywalker is rather harmless without a body. It can't manipulate anything physically and is actually visible if you know what you're looking for. It appears as a faint cloud of colourless smoke which is quite capable of shifting right through solid walls. Search Out renders it completely translucent, but everything that's behind it appears old, dusty and hopeless, like the owner of whatever you're looking at died and nobody will ever find this. It's a weird sensation.

What it does:
I am not entirely sure about this but I think the Bodywalker has to enter the human body via their respiratory system, meaning the nose, mouth or both. It's possession is subtle to the point of being uncanny for acquaintances of the victim and crushingly obvious for those close to the subject. They keep up their general routines. They go to work, they go to school, they get their mail and they make their routine calls. The possession subtly alters the subject's mental state. They become less invested in things, less pro-active and generally turn inward. Outside they do what they're supposed to, but in their homes, they spend hours doing nothing but staring at the wall.
In later stages, the victims start taking unnecessary risks. Balancing on the railings of bridges, climbing apartment complexes and crossing streets without checking for traffic are common examples.
There were reports of bodywalkers who could completely take over their victims and use their bodies like they were their own. I don't have any details about that, though.

What you can do about it:
Bodywalker possessees sleep. This is the backdoor you can use. Approach them at night, when they're asleep and try to recover some hair.
You can then proceed to use Tie to Object on it. When it is tied, you will notice, that you feel heavy, slow and weak. That's just the influence of the slightly empowered bodywalker. You may think what you're doing is pointless. Ignore it and Disperse the thing.
The important thing about all this is that you have to keep it secret from the walker, or the possessed victim will fly into a mad frenzy. Beware!
I messed that up back then. Had to tie her up on her bed and even gag her. Afterwards, she didn't remember any strange behaviour and since nobody really missed her (She did go to work everything, after all), she cut all ties to me. She was scared and I can see why. Imagine someone you love assaulting you with a pair of scissors by night and tying you up before proceeding to make weird markings on her carpet, speak in riddles and and wearing a gas mask while messing around with an Ouija board!
Not that I'm bitter or anything.
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