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 How this Forum came to be

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PostSubject: How this Forum came to be   Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:09 am

Because I'm still not giving up on members of the original forum finding this, I should maybe explain.

I'm not sure when exactly it began, but I started having nightmares. Not the usual kind... but extremely vivid, gruesome nightmares. They grew worse every night. Usually, at some point in nightmares I go lucid and prevent the terrible outcomes of what happens, but not this time.

The dreams covered whole weeks of time (in-dream). So of course I grew extremely uncomfortable when what happened in my dreams started happening in reality too. A whole week went by exactly like in my nightmares, and I could barely sleep anymore, both because I found it increasingly difficult to distinguish between dream and reality - and because I didn't want to die anymore. I grew more and more scared of dying just like in my dreams.

After the second week was half over and I still went through every single detail of my dreams again in real life, I started seeking help. I went to forums on dream analysis and occult practices - but I didn't find anything helpful in there either.

Then I stumbled upon

I'm not sure where these people came from or how they learned what they knew. But I tried out their rituals and advice anyway - and it helped. I'm now free. And I know what danger I was saved from.

Yellowking, Klein, Shutter... if you ever find this...
Thank you. You have saved my life and I will never forget that.

Since the forum died down and I couldn't get in contact with any of the former creators, I decided to transfer it in its entirety to a new place. This is it. I'll try to help everyone out who comes seeking help here. And I hope that people from and the other forum people were talking about there will eventually find C&L and assist me in this task.

So welcome to my kingdom. Let us hope that together, we can survive and maybe lead a normal life again some day.

the RedQueen
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PostSubject: Re: How this Forum came to be   Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:23 pm

RedQueen, I hope you're still out there. And I hope you're still being vigilant. Dreamwalkers are nasty and persistent. Don't let it creep back in.
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How this Forum came to be
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