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 Zab's App of Awesome

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Date of Registration : 2012-12-05

PostSubject: Zab's App of Awesome   Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:10 pm

Player Account: Zab

Account Profile
(Everything is true, doesn't see a need to lie)
Character Account: HopelessHarmony
Gender: Male Female
Birthday: 1990
Location: Los Angeles, California
Job: Works part time at a Burger King. Attends UC Irvine ...Probably been fired and kicked out by now, due to time warp. Never attended UC Irvine in the first place, only community college, part time.
Hobbies: Occasionally goes out drinking with a few buddies, enjoys video games, not that she can afford anything above a ratty old PS2 and 2 or 3 games. Moderately enjoys card games.
Comments: None, for now.

Name: Dave Holtman. Prefers Vida.
Gender: Male Female
Birth Date: 1990
General Appearance: White, with short black hair (1.5 3 inches (she is growing it out) long), getting shorter in the back to the neck. Brown, tired eyes. About 5'11". Likes wearing black and grey clothes.
General Attitude: Vida is pretty laid back, really. She loses her cool sometimes... though so does everyone when faced with terrifying, unexplainable occurrences. She picked up smoking sometime a few years ago, mainly because she thought it was cool. She doesn't seem to have much concern for the law, and that's been doubly true since she realized there's something utterly wrong with the world.
Fears: Mirrors, shadows (especially at home), really anything out of the ordinary at home, heights. Gets nervous in the dark, but not particularly scared.

Sample Posts
[In response to a thread]
Well, shit. Honestly I've never heard of anything like that. I heard there's a ritual you can use to get rid of malicious ghosts... assuming your... floating meat... is a ghost. Maybe of a cow? idk.
Anyway, dude I've never actually tried this shit before, mainly because i haven't been bothered by ghosts, but, it said that you have to draw a circle in white marker (good luck getting that, lmfao) around your house--or wherever you are r/n. After you make the circle, you gotta prick each of your 8 fingers , and smear a drop of blood at 8 equally spaced points on the circle. Afterwards, you gotta step in through the 2 points of blood closest to the entrance, go in, and sit. The ghost will probably be more pissed than usual by now (hahah pissed off meat sack ahahha), but you gotta ignore it. Don't flinch, don't twitch your face, DO NOTHING. Just go, sit down, read a book or something. I don't recommend TV; ghosts fuck with that too easy I hear. Ignore it for the next 12 hours (honestly i dont remember the hours but 12 sounds right, right?) and it should maybe go away?
Remember though, DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE IT. I aint sure what happens, but it can't be good. Maybe it pulls you into its own personal circle of hell, or maybe you just vanish. poof. bloody mess.
Honestly though, if I was you, I'd just book it the fuck out of there. I know i sure as shit couldnt ignore a flying sack of meat for 12 hours...

[Posting a thread]
Wellp, looks like I'm fucked. You know how mirrors are fucking terrible things and no one should own one? Well, my roommate, the cunt, brings one home one night. I tell him to get it the fuck out of my sight, but he just lfuckin laughs at me. So I've been fealin real uneasy since he brought that thing home--he hung it in the bathroom. Said something about needing it to shave. Shit is, its not even one of those cliche antique mirrors, its just a "regular" mirror--fucking terrifying. So today i'd had enough of seeing that thing STARING AT ME every time I needed to take a piss, so I walk down the hall, open the door, intending to pick it up and throw it in the dump. My hands were inches, INCHES, away from this thing, and I hear a little click on the far end of the hall. I turn, nothing there. I go back to the mirror, I pick it up and begin walking when I hear a tap/scratching noise through the wall, like a dog. We dont have a dog... and im pretty sure we've got no rats. I damn near drop the thing though, but I heard that's not a good idea. So anyway, i readjust it, and as I do i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, except, except i, i looked surprised. Well, i guess I was surprised when I saw myself being surprised, but, it -- I didn't hve a fucking mouth, OK? I DIDNT HAVE A MOUTH. I jumped and dropped the thing, shattering it in a million pieces. The tapscratching gets louder like its coming closer, and then just stops as my roommate got out of his room, glanced down, and started yelling at me.

So, its noon now, bout 9 hours since i broke it. we got it cleaned up and threw them away. but my dread--the dread i was feeling, exploded. i've been feeling like ive just done the worst thing i could fucking do, and, and you know what? i still hear the tapping outside my room. I dont know what the fudge it is but its just so, there. Garry said he couldn't hear anything... so I'm asking you guys. What the fudge do I do? Is it just rats in the board and my imagination? Please let it be that....

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PostSubject: Re: Zab's App of Awesome   Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:17 pm

The Chen approves<3
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Zab's App of Awesome
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