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 Little Ball of Flame

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PostSubject: Little Ball of Flame   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:18 pm

Player Account: Queenofinsanity6

Account Profile

Character Account: OutofAmbit
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 2
Location: the Library
Job: College Student


Name: Emily Johnson
Gender: Female
Birth Date: May 2, 2001
General Appearance: Emily looks... pretty much like an eleven year old girl. She's short for her age and hasn't quite lost all her baby fat, though she is starting to develop what already promises to be a rather curvaceous figure like her mother's. She has long red hair and pale skin covered in freckles, and tends to dress rather garishly due to the fact that she is completely colorblind. Despite people's best efforts to assist her, she prefers to wear all the colors she possibly can at any one time, 'because the grays look pretty together'.
General Attitude: Emily is a tiny genius child. She hates interacting with people in real life, because she doesn't like being treated like a child. Her sunny, cheerful personality comes to bear with the few people that respect her-and everyone she interacts with online who don't know how old she is. She's at this point almost skipped more grades than she's actually gone through, and graduated high school a week after her eleventh birthday.
Because of the fact that she's interacted almost exclusively with much older people for most of her childhood, she can pass pretty well for the (slightly naive) 18 year old she pretends to be online. Emily does have a rather childish sense of humor sometimes, and tends to get a little too curious when conversations about sex/sexuality come up, since she is at the age where she's starting to think about such things.

Sample Posts

[New Topic]

I've gone ahead and started with my investigations as to the 'haunted' old section of the Academic building here. As you all know, I've been hesitant because all the stories indicate that the haunting is extremely hostile. I thought it might be better to leave it be and hope that it stayed dormant.
That seems like an impossibility now-the strange noises have started up for the first time in (I'm told) ten years, and there was a really bad accident there a few days ago. I've got protection rituals running and I'm compiling every useful ritual I can find to help get rid of it before it hurts anyone else. Does anyone have any suggestions for things I should have ready to go?

[Reply to Topic]

That's awful! Are you going to be alright? Have you seen any sign of paranormal activity in the hospital, any signs that that thing might be chasing you? For that matter, what do they think happened to your car, with those nasty claw marks in the tires?

I'm glad to know that you're alright, forgive the long string of questions, I'm just very worried about you. Do you need any help?
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PostSubject: Re: Little Ball of Flame   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:22 pm

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Little Ball of Flame
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