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 Just some lurker

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Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Just some lurker   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:51 pm

Player Account: shadowy

Account Profile

Character Account: Observer
Gender: Not specified
Birthday: Not specified
Location: Not specifididdly
Job: Nothin'
Hobbies: Stuff
Comments: (I would like to have this character have a connection to one of the characters from the Mirrorhands-era(not one of the admin-made ones, obviously. MY old character, to be precise.) If that's not kay, I'll overhaul the complete concept and create an entirely different thing)

Name: Alice
Gender: No statement, though kinda obvious
Birth Date: Not of interest
General Appearance:
Alice is the unremarkable type, the account name is somewhat fitting her usual behavior. She's the caucasian type, of average-to-moderate size and somewhat slim. Grey eyes and brown, mid-long hair make her blend in with any kind of crowd.
General Attitude:
Alice is quite the timid girl, rarely socialising and often overlooked by others. She is likely to back off at the sight of an argument instead of taking sides or even fighting back. Though while being evasive like that she can show a little more determination to pursue a matter, if it is of special importance. Other than that, she likes to observe things from afar instead of doing stuff herself(thus the account name). Is prone to throwing a nervous fit if someone is being directly hostile or when confronted with accusations.

Sample Posts

[Starting a thread (and then being too insecure and wary to actually post it)]
So...uhm, I guess this thread is meant to explain why I'm here. I'm not experiencing anything incredibly supernatural, nor am I trying to fight some kind of ...thing. I'm here because I found this old forum that RedQueen spoke about, and...well, I'm kind of looking for someone who got lost. And I...think there is a connection between the disappearing of that person and the old forum, so I guess it kind of makes sense to lurk around this place for a bit...this may not lead to anything, but I'm really out of ideas at this point and any flicker of hope will do.

[As a reaction to some kind of "you should have done" accusation] It was! I couldn't... I had no chance to help! What could I have done? I'm not some kind of hero, I can't do anything in a situation like that! And I was NOT 'just watching'...I happened to be near happened and I was shocked and I had ... I didn't have the time to run either, it was happening way too fast! I wish you'd get into a situation like that.
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Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Re: Just some lurker   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:55 pm

Approved! Including the connection by the way. I'd like to keep it ambiguous why the old forum died, but any connections with your own old character are ok. :3
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Just some lurker
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