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 Another Puzzle Solved!

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PostSubject: Another Puzzle Solved!   Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:45 am

Player Account: mapp

Account Profile
Character Account: Noah_ (it wouldn't let me register Noah, what the hell? xD)
Gender: N/S
Birthday: January 12th
Location: UK
Job: -
Hobbies: -
Comments: -

Name: Noah
Gender: unknown
Birth Date: unknown
General Appearance: Noah is this androgynous black kid, little taller than 170 cm, with very short, tightly curled, reddish hair, big brown eyes and bright red Buddy Holly glasses. They have a big button nose and a round face, usually engulfed by a broad smile or a goofy grin with a little gap between the front teeth. Their built is wiry and lean and they're in a pretty good shape. They're usually seen in colourful button-ups or loose band shirts and shorts, except if the temperature drops into the single degrees.
They look more like a teenager than an adult, and they bear a certain similarity to young ArkMaster. They speak with a smooth, slightly guttural voice.
General Attitude: Noah_ exhibits a certain familiarity with the paranormal, as well as an enthusiastic approach towards problem solving. They have a tendency to get in trouble and disappear now and then.

They're talkative, fidgety and hell-bent on spreading some joy, as in cracking dumb jokes or giving people small surprise gifts. In a group, they'll try to keep the mood up and mediate conflicts; they have a great respect for other standpoints than their own and will try to look at problems from all conceivable sides. While their impulse to solve problems head-on doesn't leave much space for thinking things through, it's a great asset for improvising.

Noah enjoys drawing, knitting and hockey. They have an interest in urban legends and memetic phenomena.

Sample Posts
(starts a thread)
Hey, you guys! I found something amazing! 8D I went down to the beach a few nights ago cos I couldn't sleep. I saw something big and dark on a dune, and lo and behold, it was a big piece of driftwood!
... Okay, I'll admit, that's not too impressive. :'D
I just thought the shape was really cool cos it looked like kind of a zen garden? Like there's this biiig dent inside, kind of like a pool, which is full of sand! So I took it home. Now that's not the end of the story! (Cos then I wouldn't create a thread here, right? Very Happy)
While I was cleaning up (fighting chaos entities every day!) I must've spilled something(?? I haven't remembered yet Sad ) on it because the sand was suddenly black!! (Which looks really cool, so sad I broke my camera! D:)
I stashed it on my sideboard yesterday with some other knick knacks and stones, and when I looked today, the sand had aligned!!! 8O It looks like a Parentheses reading of one of my stones! Just imagine how much easier your life could be with a ~zen garden~ like that! I'm not entirely sure if it works, I'll do Parentheses on that thing itself tomorrow and post some readings. But imagine!! Portable Parentheses! 8D 8D

I am pretty sure I've heard about your symptoms somewhere! :O Did you buy a big electronic device lately? Get your rubber gloves out and prod that thing! (Don't forget the salt. Wink ) If you already have a hard time opening it, it could be a Memory Hatcher!! 8O These things are nasty! You will need some heavy duty acid... (And another trip to the electronics store! :/)
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Keep us updated please, I'm curious!! 83

(answers again, two minutes later)
Oh yeah, don't forget Base Protection!! (Don't wanna get temp banned again for suggesting... stuff... :T)

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Post Count : 88
Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Re: Another Puzzle Solved!   Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:56 am

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Another Puzzle Solved!
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