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 Treasuring the Memory

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PostSubject: Treasuring the Memory   Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:30 pm

So here is a nice little Ritual I found and developed further in Finland!

What you'll need:
-A little breakable or otherwise openable container (Everything from a christmas tree's decoration ball to a box should suffice)
-Something sharp enough to cause you bleeding (A Needle for example)
-a lighter
-a chain and a lock (like a bike chain)

How you're doing it:

First you should be sure to operate in a non-tainted area. Haunted houses and altars for the elder ones are not an good option (D'uh). Also make sure you're not interrupted and feeling safe and relaxed. Maybe turn on some soothing music.
Form a circle of salt big enough to sit in and light up the myrrh. Eating a little bit and powdering yourself and the container is also advised. Hold the Container before you and say following words:

I choose you as keeper of my dearest times
Keep them sound and safe from harmful sights

Repeat that three times ,then prick your finger with the needle and make a dot of blood on your forehead ,the place where your solarplexus is and the container itself.
Press the container onto your chest (make sure that the container and your skin lay dot-on-dot). Remember a moment of joy or safeness you had. The stronger and personal ,the better!
Say following lines trhee times:

As guardian of my deepest feels
treasure them with chain and steel

Put the chain and lock around the container. Make sure not to cover the bloodspot. Now press the container dot-on-dot to your forehead and repeat the final lines triple:

As guardian of my hidden thoughts
Remain locked and remain tough

Now turn the key and lock the chain. You might be ovewhelming by a feeling of loss and incompleteness. If you try to remember the treasured moment you will have the facts but no feelings toward the event whatsoever. For the next days positive emotions will feel washed out and meaningless as if you where experiencing a time of depression.

The Payoff:
What you now created is quite useful as some kind of paranormal chaff grenade. You don't have to keep the chains around the container ,they just serve assymbolic features during the ritual. Opening or breaking the container will result in two things:
1. You will experience the same feelings you've gone through the moment you sealed away
2. Others in a small perimeter (maybe 5m or so) will do the same. That also counts for entities!

I use these treasured memories as a helpful little escape device when dealing with nonhuman entities kinda letting them taste their own medicine Twisted Evil . I guess the concepts of human emotions are so alien for these fudge-ers that they are stunned for a small time period while you can get into action or out of danger with the little soothing boost. Surprised
Minor (but really just the most powerless) Entities also appear to be weakened by these feel-grenades.
It does not work as much on former human beings like ghosts but can buy you some valuable seconds of puzzlement.

Things you should not do:
Don't use this ritual too often or just for fun! The guy I learned it from was kind of addicted to reliving times with his lost wife. Turned out that overdoing this leads to a point where you can't feel new positive emotions anymore besides the contained ,which fade with every use. Poor fu-cker ended up in an asylum after trying to commit suicide several times. No

Don't try to seal away negative and traumatic events! I tried it myself and it didn't help at all. Also when set free ,the memories become somehow stronger and more disturbing.[justify][left]

Don't let anything get in! With this Ritual you are actually working with your very mind and soul wide open. The salt and making sure that you only do it in a 'pure' place are there for ensuring your safety. I hope I don't have to point out what would happen if you perform it with an entity bound to your container or just somewhere near you. Suspect
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Treasuring the Memory
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