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 Rules for Plots and the Storyteller-Option

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PostSubject: Rules for Plots and the Storyteller-Option   Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:27 pm

In "Clock-Face and Looking-Glass", the players can create their own stories. There are no tight rules limiting these plots except for "create an interesting and creepy story". And, of course, the rules of common sense - do not decide and determine how another players plot progresses or ends. If you share a story with another player, communicate with them about where it goes. If you have an idea how a plot could be resolved, prod it ingame but respect if a player signals that they have another way in mind than yours. When in doubt, ask.
At the same time, your stories will usually benefit from being open for the suggestions of others.

The whole Planning-Forum is dedicated to testing the reaction of the community to plot and character ideas. Use it!

Some people may have problems thinking of plots for themselves, or they prefer an element of surprise that they can't have with this modus operandi. For these players, we offer the storyteller-option.
Players who choose it get assigned one storyteller, another player from the list below. The role of a Storyteller in this game is a bit like that of a GM or DM in Pen & Paper systems. They weave plots for the characters - often coordinating the plots of several characters at once in order to create interesting stories for the whole forum - and give the players single events and antagonists they can react to. While still being extremely interactive, this option gives players the possibility to lean back a bit and enjoy a story without constantly having to make every decision themselves and determining every outcome alone.

The storyteller-option is, as the name already implies, completely optional for players. It can be requested and cancelled at any given time (although we may ask you to let us finish a plot with a storyteller in the way we intended before you go your own way) and the storytellers of course accept ideas and plot points you'd love to have in your personal story.

Current storytellers are:
- JPunkt
- Broeckchen
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Rules for Plots and the Storyteller-Option
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