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 The Mirrorverse Canon and popular Creepypastas

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PostSubject: The Mirrorverse Canon and popular Creepypastas   Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:19 pm

Many people will come here because they are a fan of creepypasta and urban myths, and I can already anticipate that popular connected memes like or Jeff the Killer, as well as things like the Slender game will bring us many new members - who might wish to incorporate them into their plots. So it is important to address this up-front. The following list details popular creepypastas and their status in the Mirrorverse.

There are plenty of specific creepypastas that are involved in the canon of this universe (which I'm calling the Mirrorverse here). For everyone unfamiliar with the term, "canon" means that the events I'm referring to are objective reality in the story. Characters CAN encounter antagonists and objects from these stories, however, this is a death sentence for the most part, as these creepypastas usually involve things that can not lose. Also, please keep in mind that original stories are ALWAYS preferred over well-known one, even though drawing inspiration from creepypastas is always welcome.
If a player finds a creepypasta they like and would love to use in their plot, they can simply ask the admins if it would be okay to do so. But keep in mind, even when a creepypasta is canon in the Mirrorverse, that does not automatically mean that any of the characters knows of it's truth status!

I ask for patience with this list, as this verse has four creators right now, with two being the original parents of this baby. Without talking to them first, we will rarely put something on this list.

Bloody Mary

Jeff the Killer

Majora's Mask

The Mothman
The Mothman is canon, although intentions and powers of this creature(s) are not known.

The SCP-Foundation

Slender Man/Der Ritter/The Tall Man/The Operator
As mentioned in the thread about the atmosphere of the game, at the very least The Operator from Marble Hornets is canon (as is the vlog, rendering troyhasacamera nonexistant). Many of the stories from the original Something Awful thread are as well, especially the "Der Ritter" origin and the story of the fire in the library. All Slenderblogs and Vlogs do canonically exist, but a big amount of them is fake due to most people still thinking that the Slender Man is just a fictional character and internet meme. It is not known to the characters of the Mirrorverse which ones are legitimate and which aren't though.
However, it is not known if Slender Man, Der Ritter, The Tall Man and The Operator are all the very same being or several entities of the same kind. The exact terms on which they operate are also not known, as none of the Mirrorverse characters who encountered them yet have lived to tell the story. Details that are canonical:
- The entity/entities stalk people for long amounts of time
- Technological equipment tends to spazz around them
- They move slowly when seen, but can "teleport" over longer distances when not currently seen by anyone
- They can have/unfold tentacles
- They appear faceless on recorded material
- Occasionally people cannot see them, especially if they aren't the target of these creatures
- Memory loss and sickness (often with a cough) are associated with their appearance
- It is not known why and how they choose the people they stalk

Being stalked by such an entity is pretty much a death sentence for the character.

On Proxies:
Proxies as known from most Slenderblogs do not exist in the Mirrorverse. Although they are inspired by a canon character (totheark from the Marble Hornets series), they are only loosely based on the same concept and therefore a construct of completely different creators. As long as tothearks true intentions and motivation have not been revealed yet, proxy-characters are not to be introduced into the story.
However, people who deludedly think that they are proxies DO exist. As do people who believe in the existance of proxies. And people who worship the entity/entities mentioned above. Having such characters appear is completely fine, as long as they are never confirmed to be the real thing*.

The Rake
Canon. The Rake is a creature that looks a bit like a mix of a bald human being and a hairless dog, with gruesome features and dangerous fangs and claws. But no too close features and traits are known as people rarely have the time to take anything in when it comes to them.
It's exact intelligence is unknown, but it does seem to be fairly clever in the way of a predator at least.

Rigged Game Cartridges
Many of these stories are true, albeit it's not commonly known which ones exactly. Also, a lot of the true ones might be based on coding-savvy people who pranked unknowing innocents for all the Mirrorverse characters know. Coming into the possession of such a cartridge is a very legitimate plot point and doesn't have to end with death at all, but can be an interesting timed puzzle for the whole forum to solve.

Weeping Angel-like Statues
Canon, although they don't teleport back in time and they aren't always angels. It is also not canonically known yet if they stop moving when being looked at by choice or because they have to. What exactly they do with their victims is still to be determined as well. Meeting such an entity can lead to the death of the character very easily.

This list will be added to as the game progresses.

*Never confirming a threat to be "THE [insert name of famous creepypasta or mythological creature here]" is a great way to use plot points that are usually off-limits, like extraterrestials or non-canon creepypastas. The Mirrorverse is full of things the characters do not know, and a forum-goer suggesting that the little green men with antennae are aliens does not mean that this forum-goer is right. An entity or object can look or behave a lot like something people know from either made up stories or stories based on this being, with those stories being extremely inaccurate about its true origin and nature. You can even make this a plot point, introducing a creature that seems to be a certain known creepypasta-entity, but then turns out to be the complete opposite - or something that preys on fears and chose it's appearance after the fears of the character.
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The Mirrorverse Canon and popular Creepypastas
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