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 I Rolled a 1 on my sanity check and all I got was this stupid application.

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PostSubject: I Rolled a 1 on my sanity check and all I got was this stupid application.   Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:30 am

Player Account: Nichtschwert

Account Profile
Character Account: Deep1
Gender: Male
Birthday: -
Location: -
Job: -
Hobbies: -
Comments: -

Name: Timothy Wright
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 23rd of May 1985
General Appearance: Deep1 is a rather lanky and generally unintimidating black guy. He is gaunt and sickly, with a voice so hoarse he appears to be whispering when speaking normally. Despite being always clean and properly shaven, he makes an impression of being broken. His eyes just never meet those of the people he talks to, instead straying around their faces or seemingly staring into the distance behind their heads. His hands are almost never still, tugging at his sleeves or twisting around each other.
General Attitude:
Deep1 is a very careful, deliberate person. He is not necessarily above going into danger, but he will only do so if he's sure he has the upper hand.
He hates being idle and will always busy himself with something, sometimes even to the point of obsessiveness.
Socially, he's rather nonconfrontational and has a habit of trying to psychoanalyse his peers with what little he knows of Psychology.

Sample Posts

Replying to a Ritual Article:
Look, not trying to challenge you here, but I think you got the sequence mixed up. I'm fairly sure you have to drink the salt water BEFORE doing all of this other stuff. I can back that up with these old notes I found. I think they're even ArkMaster's, so you know they're not full of fluff. Furthermore, Salt is usually for prevention and not for fixing what's already messed up. Base Protection is a good example. So drinking the salt water AFTER possibly inviting something terrible to live in your bowels will do pretty much jack fluff. At least that's my take on it.

Providing help:
A sudden fear of the ocean, you say? You know, that's actually not as uncommon as you might think. And also not nearly as irrational. if you think about it, the ocean IS pretty deep, dark and unexplored. There's this popular saying (No idea who actually said it first and I don't give a rat's arse) that if you wanna go to an alien world, egt yourself a submarine or something like that.
Anyway, there are quite a few documented paranormal events linked with the sea. There was a strange case of disappearances on Novaya Zemlya, which were preceded by people having strange dreams about the ocean. Have you had dreams? You should probably think about the possibility of having to move away from the sea until this paranormal fear clears.
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I Rolled a 1 on my sanity check and all I got was this stupid application.
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