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 Copper Cage

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PostSubject: Copper Cage   Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:50 am

This ritual is really useful if you are trying to pull together a swarm entity! It can also help with other bodyless entities when Tie to Object doesn't work as well! Smile But it's a pain in the backfluff to prepare!

You're going to need a decent amount of copper! Copper rods are good but you can also use wire (hardware and electronics stores should have those). You're also going to need two small mirrors and a piece of charcoal. The last thing you need is something I like to call Honey. It's not actual honey Very Happy but something that is attractive to the entity! That one really depends (some entities have really weird affinities!) like I've heard that many hauntings like sprouted potatoes for some reason?? :? IDK but usually you can tell what would work from where they hang around, what they like to possess, like with a Methuselah I'd try something like dead condolence flowers... If they don't like the Honey, this won't work (but you still get to feel the after effects)!
Also you need to do this after dawn, when it's dark outside! I'm not sure where that restriction comes from but I think daytime might be too "busy" for the pull of the cage?? All sorts of horrible things start appearing in the cage in daylight so better just wait until the night!

Oh yeah some gloves would also be really good! Isolated ones! :O

First off you use the copper to create the wireframe of a cube, like only the edges! That is easier with the wire but since the cage needs to be sturdy, you can wrap the wire around plastic sticks to make the shape hold up better! Smile The corners are especially tricky. :/ Sadly, bought cages don't do the trick! (But I think gifted cages might be okay? This needs testing...)
While handling the cage, make sure your feet are bare but your hands are covered! The cage should be sized to comfortably fit on the small mirror with its bottom but also big enough so that the Honey fits in!

You put one small mirror on the floor (reflective side up!) and the cage on top. If you are really bad at drawing, you are going to hate the next part! Wink
You need to draw a pattern on the floor with the charcoal with the cage in the centre! The pattern needs to point north!

(The black square in the centre is the cage!!)
It's really elaborate and ridiculously geometrical. Note the alchemical elements again! I think this is one of the few European rites developed in the 18th century... but I have no proof. D:

When you're done with that, insert the Honey into the cage and withdraw! It's kind of hard to tell when it starts working! But after a while the entity should feel attracted to the cage. Smile If you can see the Honey twitch around, or if it appears to get burned or sliced, this is very good! Wait until the Honey appears to be still, then carefully but firmly place the second mirror (reflective side downwards) on top of the cage!
Now the cage might start rattling or shaking and the coal drawing will probably become super smudged! That might be really scary D: but as long as the cage doesn't topple or lose the mirror on top, everything's good! Very Happy (If it does topple over... you'd better run and try a different approach later!)

When the movements die down: Congratulations, you've just captured yourself an entity! Very Happy Very Happy Now get to banishing it because the cage doesn't keep up longer than 43 minutes!!

Side effects:
The cage's edges usually develop an electric charge so they can shock you! If the cage stays empty, it will combust after an hour or so (my guess would be something like 77 minutes) and thaaat might leave a sizeable hole in your floor! :/
After this ritual, you might experience heartburn, sudden mood swings, numb limbs and sudden claustrophobia! You might also see wires or curtains hanging from the ceiling or from the sky or just generally see stuff that makes you think you're "locked in" somewhere but don't worry, you'll be better after a few hours!

Things you probably shouldn't do:
- handle the cage with bare hands! D:
- drop the cage (even when it's empty)
- remove the top without banishing the entity inside (it's going to be very pissed... the least!!)
- wear socks or shoes (except if you enjoy having your soles burnt! D: )
- talk during the process (this will distract the entity and maybe even draw it to you!! D: )
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Copper Cage
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