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 Limited Area Ward

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PostSubject: Limited Area Ward   Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:41 pm

I promised a while ago to start putting up some of my rituals that Dawn and I use, and long road trips are a perfect time to do so. So here's this one first.

This is the ritual my sister and I came up with to make ourselves a 'safe' space, whether while working or simply away from home. It's also what I'd used on my dorm room. It probably wouldn't protect against anything particularly powerful or determined for very long, but it's great for an added layer of protection when you need it. Just don't do the stupid thing like I did and let something in!

You will need:

A protective gem (Agate would probably work well-we always used Amethyst, which is known to also help allow clearer communication/interaction with spirits)
Salt (any kind, it doesn't much matter)
Wood Chips from a tree associated with protection (Cedar is easiest to get a hold of here in the US. Rowan, holly, aspen, and birch are also viable alternatives)
A wooden broom with natural bristles

1. Use your broom to sweep out the space you are warding. Do not make a sound while you do, and don't use a dustpan within the space. Just sweep everything out the door. If there is furniture in the space, move it and sweep under/behind it. Do not miss any floor, and don't push any furniture against the edges of the space you want warded.

2. Take your salt and slowly use it to line the space. Make sure the salt line is even and unbroken. While you do, take the time to think of whatever you associate with safety and NOTHING else. Don't let yourself be distracted by anything, or else the warding won't take.

3. In the opposite direction, do the same with the wood chips. Spend the time laying them out thinking about walls and cliffs and other barriers to keep things out. Again, don't think of /anything/ else

(As a side note, if there are two people doing the ritual, they should start at the same place, one with salt and one with wood, and go opposite each other to make the circle at the same time)

4. Once your space has been lined with both salt and wood, place your gem in the absolute center (or as close to it as you can manage) of the floor, then make two smaller circles (with you on the inside with the gem) of both the same way.

5. That done, pick up the gem and place it in the flattened palm of your non dominant hand (if there are two of you, the other person's hand should be placed palm down on top of it) and chant (in unison)

Home and hearth
with tall strong walls
this place is ours
where none may harm

6. Use the broom to sweep the wood and salt into four even piles in the four cardinal directions, then place the gem either in the center of your circle or at the main entrance of your space.

This ritual should last as long as you leave the salt/wood mixture and the gem, though it won't protect against things you let in, whether intentionally or not. If leaving it for extended periods of time, I'd recommend renewing it about once a month. In the interim, watch out when you're /leaving/ the safe space. Entities really don't like being kept out, and tend to be extra nasty to people they catch using the safe space.

Also you might want to stick to mild foods-if something tries to get in, it has a nasty tendency to make you sick.
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Limited Area Ward
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