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 SMILE entity (AKA the 'elder godmother')

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PostSubject: SMILE entity (AKA the 'elder godmother')   Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:06 am

Alright ,after there were some requests for information on the SMILE entity i did some research on this sucker:

You know about those opportunities where someone is supposed to make a wish? Like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake or when seeing a shooting star? well ,in rare cases which relate to happiness such wishes might attract a SMILE Entity! This non-corporeal bastard will try to make you happy if you like it or not! Problem is that the SMILE has no real idea about humans and their needs.
An example of what could happen: After an absent-minded wish for a little more wealth, the walls around you collapse and a dried-up human corpse emerges with a heart made of tungsten. You would like to spend more time with your wife? Prepare to have some quality time with her after she lands in the hospital because she got hit by a meteorite and attacked by a wild monkey AT THE FU-CKING SAME TIME!
When you become unhappy due to the actions of this fudge-ed up fairy godmother be prepared for the SMILE trying even harder to help you!

It's non-corporeal but it does have a place where it "stays", like a basis for operations. Although the entity is not fully tied to this place (it can follow the wisher around within a limited radius), this is usually close to a place where the wisher hangs out a lot. Where it rests, the room falls silent and people wear twisted smiles after passing through. To get rid of it, you must be truly, honestly, perfectly happy and not harbour a single wish. Since only acclaimed Buddhists can pull that one off, you'll have to use rites.
Setting of some memory bombs with one of the happiest moments of your life might do the trick. Oh yes ,Base protection is a fudge-ing NO-GO when dealing with the SMILE! It wants to help you ,not harm you and is therefore not affected by it. Actually it could just empower that sucker even more!

On a Search Out, the room (the walls, the floor, etc) will appear to have teeth and jaws sticking out everywhere. All very broken, twisted, incomplete - some resemble a smile, others are very isolated. They might be moving.

Dispersal only works with origami swans due to the fact that there is the believe that you can make a wish when folding a thousand of them.
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SMILE entity (AKA the 'elder godmother')
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