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 Global Rules

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PostSubject: Global Rules   Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:19 am

Be polite! This forum is for support and exchange of experiences and knowledge. Insults and ridicule might discourage people from sharing their problems with us and leave them all alone and defenseless! resolve your issues in private or consult a moderator.

Stay on topic! Keep a thread to its topic and offer help or request information on the problem at hand. If you have a different issue that is not really related, start a new thread.

Keep your thread headers descriptive! Don't just call them "I'm scared!" or "Help me!". Write something along the lines of: "Something is in my house and all entrances are locked!". This is to help people find the problems they might have experience with and might result in faster help.

Give feedback! In the case that a supernatural emergency was solved or any other issue has been settled, tell us what you did and why you think it actually worked. Other people might depend on that info!

No advertisement! Please don't make posts for the sole purpose of advertising a product. This applies for signatures as well.

No politics! It's easy: Political discussion leads to alienation and finally flame wars. Take your political grievances outside. This forum is for helping people, not yelling at them.

The admins reserve the right to ban individual users, who violate the rules or actively endanger people.

Each User may have exactly one login. Creating multiple accounts without a good reason will result in the deletion of all these accounts.

Don't double-post! Seriously! The edit-button isn't there for nothing.

No illegal offers or discussions. I know we walk a fine line, but please don't openly break the law through this forum. Your posts WILL be deleted and you may be banned. We will also aid the officials in such cases.

Keep your signatures small and discreet! No overly flashy animations, no more than five lines of text, no huge pictures and nothing that will stretch the page unnecessarily.

Write a post in the Still Alive Thread every week. And we mean every week!

Thank you.

the RedQueen
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Global Rules
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