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 Paranormal Legends

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PostSubject: Paranormal Legends   Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:13 am

Yeah I know that this forum is for sharing actual knowledge of the paranormal but fyck it ,I'm bored!

And therefore I gladly present you this! A Topic where we can tell tales about the most hardcore banishment ,the most fascinating theories about uber-entities and spine-chilling ghost stories you heard from other Ritualists! Stories that actually happened are of course especially welcome! Oh and to put Deeps concern at ease: Dont you try that at home ,kids!
You don't have to prove anything or think too deeply about them ,this topic is just here to keep the legend alive! Surprised

I'll start!
This is a story an old friend of mine told me once.

The gosh sleeping under Madagaskar

So you know about evolution ,right? That stuff about one form of life splitting into several over the course of generations ,depending on what fits better into the enviromental requirements? Darwin told us that islands are a wonderful example for that because flora and fauna there are evolving totally independent of their continental counterparts. Especially Madagaskar is one of the richest places when it comes to natural diversity. But is that really all thanks to good ol' mother evolution? Sean Barkley ,an australian biologist from the early 19th century didn't think so. At least thats what he should have stated after his return from an expedition to the isle without half of his team and right before they locked him away in an asylum for trying to scratch his stomach open.
As the story goes the expedition landed at an widely undiscovered part on the island ,where they soon found some locals telling them that they should not go further into the forest becaus they then would cross a place known as 'the sleeping gods lair'. Of course they didn't believe the people living there for their whole lives and travelled forth especially because the direction they were warned of presented the most dashing sortiment of odd creatures. According to Mister Barkley ,they stumbled across some ruined architecture of unknown design as they ventured forth and the divercity of species grew. Soon the enviroment began to 'grow hostile ,unearthly even.' and the participants of the discovered alien deformations and different colored fast growing growths appearing on their own bodies. From the part of the expedition which was sent out into the woods only Sean made it back to the camp.

So I did a bit of investigation and there is no notable reference to a man called Barkley at that place and time. It is possible that this whole stuff is just some piece of fiction ,naturally.
But is it that impossible that there is actually something sleeping under the island that messes with madagaskese evolution?

I'll go for 'no'.
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Paranormal Legends
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