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 38 reasons to be afraid

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PostSubject: 38 reasons to be afraid   Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:41 am

Player Account: Nichtschwert

Account Profile
Character Account: MatterOfTime
Gender: Female
Birthday: -
Location: -
Job: Watchdog
Hobbies: Stargate SG-1

Name: Samantha Thompson
Gender: female
Birth Date: February 7th 1980
General Appearance: Samantha is a tall and physically fit caucasian woman with shoulder-length brown hair, a stern and angular face and a tendency to dress conservatively.
General Attitude:
Samantha is not a very sociable person. While she keeps friendly relations with her colleagues at the precinct, she almost always spends her free time alone and never has guests at her house. She's not really asocial, or awkward, she just doesn't value human contact enough to spend her free time with that. Instead she enjoys good movies, running laps at the park and going to the opera house every now and then, all by herself.
She has a rather authoritative streak and can get very defensive when people question her methods or her ability to keep things in her life together.

Sample Posts
this is all very nice and interesting, but can't somebody simply tell me how to find this thing and kill it? i want this solved. just give a list of things i need to do, so i can get it over with. If i wanted to read tea leaves, i would have become a bloody fortune teller in the first place. there's gotta be a faster way to do this and don't even start with your taking care nonsense! i will not let this thing do whatever it wants in my house. i will find it and i will kill it and i want it to know that. i will have order in my own four walls.

i'm sorry i doubted you. all i have in the way of an explanation is that i was ignorant and worked up. i know you have much more experience with this ghost stuff than i and i should have listened to you. so for what it's worth, i'm sorry and thank you for the help you offered just to have me slap you down so rudely.
so please, tell me about those tea leaves again.
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Date of Registration : 2012-12-06

PostSubject: Re: 38 reasons to be afraid   Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:24 pm

Well then, let's not prevent that lovely lady from doing what she needs to do. :3
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38 reasons to be afraid
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