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 Rules on Emergencies

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PostSubject: Rules on Emergencies   Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:25 am

This forum is for real emergencies only!

Now what does that mean?
It means that you are only allowed to start a thread here if your life or your physical or mental wellbeing are at stake, or someone else is in such risk.
This is the most important part of the forum and we expect you to treat it that way. This is not a place for jokes, pranks or general search for information. If your paranormal situation isn't threatening you in any meaningful way, please post in the "Research and Information" Forum.
There are a few exceptions:

- Moderators and Admins are allowed to create threads to clarify rules or create helpful guides on how to start an emergency thread and maximise the users' ability to give support.

- Sometimes you might have problems that are not life- or health-threatening, but require our immediate attention anyway. If we can help to keep you from getting locked in an insane asylum or having your life ruined in a different way, we are willing to. Just don't abuse this.

Rules to adhere to when creating a thread:

- Keep your thread headers descriptive! This is worth repeating. The more descriptive your header is, the faster a user can tell whether they know how to help. This could save your life!

- Add the prefix [A] to your thread title as long as the emergency is still active and a pressing issue. Change it to [R] for "resolved" when the threat is taken care of so we all know which topics are the most urgent ones at the moment. After about a week of being resolved without further incidents, I will move the thread to the archive in order to avoid cluttering up this subforum - but you can always revive it nontheless!

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Rules on Emergencies
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