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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:50 am

The Global Rule: Be Aware Of Triggers!

Some of the people who frequent this forum (might) have triggers. Triggers being things that can send them into everything from a fit of clinical depression to a physical seizure. This is why triggers need to be addressed here.

Keep in mind that this is not a matter of personal opinions or social justice. It is a real life safety measure.

Please warn potential readers of a thread from topics like these if they come up
- Rape
- Self-harm (not the "I need to chew my leg off to escape this bear trap" kind, but the kind that is a psychological coping mechanism)
- Eating Disorders
It is also not allowed to embed flashing gifs or animations anywhere on this website. Link to them with a small ooc warning instead.

These triggers do not have to be announced or warned of unless in extreme cases and/or graphic detail, be careful if they belong to your triggers! The reason is simple: They often appear in the real world and the real internet, not to mention in creepypasta. Excluding them would make the in-universe forum lose credibility.
- Suicide
- Domestic and Child abuse
- Racism
- Sizeism
- Ableism
- Homophobia
- Sexism
- Binarism

The following triggers are free to post without any warning. Please do not join this game if you are really easily triggered by these!
- Paranoia and Nightmare Fuel
- Phobias
- Mental Disorders in general
- Gore
- Violence

A trigger warning consists of a ((tw: [trigger1], [trigger2])) at the beginning of your post.

If you wish to play an asshole character who likes to make jokes or insults at the cost of others, do your co-players the favour of telling them that somewhere in the Meta-Forum. This makes it easier for people with triggers to avoid being set off by your character.
Please note that the triggers from the middle list are not allowed to be posted without warning in the Meta-Forum! Also, pictures are always a more delicate matter than words. For example (tw: self-harm): Writing that someone has scars on their forearms would be completely okay in-universe. Actually posting a photo of scarred or even bleeding forearms warrants a trigger warning!

Meta-Forum Rules

Be polite!
No flamewars, no insults. We're all grown-ups. Resolve your issues in private or consult a moderator.

Stay on topic!
Don't spam threads with unrelated information. If you have a different issue that is not really related, start a new thread.

Keep your thread headers descriptive!
It's really a pain to have to open up a thread to get a general gist of what it's about. So please use descriptive headers.

No advertisement!
Please don't make posts for the sole purpose of advertising a product. This applies for signatures as well.

No politics!
It's easy: Political discussion leads to alienation and finally flamewars. Take your political grievances outside. This forum is for having fun, not yelling at each other. This also applies to religions. No religious debates.

The admins reserve the right to ban individual users who violate the rules.

Each User may have exactly one login.
Creating multiple accounts without a good reason will result in the deletion of all these accounts.
This of course excludes the creation of character accounts.

Give us a way to contact you!
The use of throw-away-email-providers is only permitted for character accounts. We need either an email adress you check regularly or an account ID for an Instant-Messenger we both use.

Don't double-post!
Seriously! The edit-button isn't there for nothing. An exception: If an important update has to be made in the concerned thread after three days or more.

Watch your grammar and orthography!
It's fine if your characters don't give a shit about correct spelling, but please try your best in the Meta-Forum. Having to read a post three times to understand it is annoying and time-consuming.

No illegal offers or discussions.
I know we walk a fine line, but please don't openly break the law through this forum. Your posts WILL be deleted and you may be banned. We will also aid the officials in such cases.

Keep your signatures small and discreet!
No flashy animations, no more than five lines of text, no huge pictures and nothing that will stretch the page unnecessarily.
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General Rules
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